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Criminal Attorney Payman Zargari

Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Lawyer

Attorney Payman Zargari of the Mission Valley law firm, Law Offices of Payman Zargari, is a licensed legal practitioner specializing in criminal law. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Northrop University in Los Angeles and his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of La Verne, College of Law, in Woodland Hills, California. He was admitted to emphasize The State Bar of California in 2000 (Bar Number: 208451) and has been actively providing criminal defense services ever since.

Criminal Defense Specialist

In his long years of criminal defense practice, Attorney Payman Zargari has gained valuable practical knowledge and experience in the California criminal process and California criminal law. He has handled and successfully closed a multitude of criminal cases. The breadth and depth of his criminal defense experience gives him an edge that benefits his clients. This experience guides him in every new criminal case that comes his way, so that he knows the line of defense that he must take to give his client the best possible criminal defense.

Trial Experience

Attorney Payman Zargari is a criminal defense lawyer with extensive jury trial as well as court trial experience. This gives him quite an advantage in negotiations with prosecutors. Since he can go to trial if and when needed, he typically gets more concessions than another lawyer who doesn't have as much trial experience or who spends most of his time at his desk to work on paperwork.

To Attorney Payman Zargari's clients, this means better terms and better deals than they'd have otherwise gotten or received. When appropriate, Attorney Payman Zargari can argue with the prosecutor-in-charge to drop the case without pressing criminal charges. If criminal charges have been filed - depending on the circumstances of the case - he could persuade the prosecutors to get the charges dropped or, if that is out of the question, get the case settled at the best terms possible for his client. And if a trial is inevitable, Payman Zargari's extensive trial experience is an invaluable aid in preparing a solid defense for his client.

Straightforward Manner

If you're facing criminal charges or expecting a trial, you'd love working with Attorney Payman Zargari during these difficult times. Not only does he have capability and willngness to fight for his clients, he also has a refreshingly straightforward manner that you'd certainly appreciate in your legal counsel.

He conducts a thorough case review for every criminal case. He then sits down with his client to discuss the case's strong and weak points, telling the client exactly how he stands legally. Then, he presents the client with his options, telling him the pros and cons of such options so the client is sure to be well-informed to make decisions. As a responsible, professional legal counsel, Attorney Payman Zargari ten recommends the best legal route to take in order to maximize the strength and validity of his client's defense.

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